TRIBUTE: The unveiling of the Bradford memorial garden at Witton Park . The new metal statue is by Ray Lonsdale, the sculptor behind the giant Tommy memorial on the clifftop at Seaham Picture: SARAH CALDECOTT

Village history project will focus on the Fighting Bradfords

Dani Walker

A £50,000 project is being launched to explore the story of the only two brothers to be awarded the Victoria Cross in the First World War and the village in which they live.

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Tony Kearney tells what the Durham Pals - volunteer soldiers from across the region - were doing 100 years ago, in the build-up to their date with destiny: July 1, 1916, and the Battle of the Somme.
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Nick Gullon has been through The Northern Echo archives, selecting a story from each day of 1915, painting a vivid of picture of what life was like on the home front as well as in the trenches, and creating an interactive journey through the war years.
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Search our database of over 1,800 soldiers from the region who fought and died in the First World War.
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In 2014, we appealed to all secondary schools in the region to ask their pupils to write a poem to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.
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An appeal to raise £100,000 for the modern military heroes - those servicemen and women who return physically and mentally injured from war zones such as Afghanistan.
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Tributes paid to 24-year-old Durham Pal on 100th anniversary of his death

Chris Lloyd

A WREATH has been laid in Durham cathedral to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of a 24-year-old Durham Pal.

The courage of Roland Boys Bradford enshrined in history

Chris Lloyd

A VICTORIA CROSS winner is to be permanently commemorated as part of a day of events in the County Durham village of Witton Park, where he was born.

Walking in the footsteps of a Flanders hero

Chris Lloyd

FOR the Durhams, the Battle of Passchendaele began at 3.50am on July 31, 1917, when the buglers sent the 20th Battalion over the top into the Flanders mud.

Celebrating courageous exploits of the British Army’s youngest Victoria Cross recipient, one of the famous Fighting Bradfords

Chris Lloyd

AT 3.15pm exactly 100 years ago this afternoon, two battalions of the Durham Light Infantry rose up out of their trenches to attack enemy lines, led by Lt Col Roland Bradford.

Denied truth for 100 years – daughter of DLI soldier learns her father was wrongly shot at dawn as a coward

Gavin Engelbrecht

THE previously unknown truth behind the tragic and senseless death of a Durham Light Infantry soldier 100 years ago today has finally solved a life-long mystery.

Man learns more of mum and dad’s romance after Echo publishes First World War love letters

Chris Lloyd

THE Remembrance Sunday special edition of The Northern Echo provided an enormous shock for Arnold Stewart.

Graffiti left by Durham Light Infantry soldiers in tunnels beneath First World War battlefield is discovered a century on

Tony Kearney

WARTIME graffiti buried deep beneath a French battlefield has been unearthed 100 years after it was written by North-East soldiers.

The 13 boys of one Darlington street who never came home

Chris Lloyd

ON the east bank of the River Skerne, there used to be a network of tight terraced streets with hundreds of homes that were cleared away in the late 1960s so the inner ring road could bulldoze through.

Whistles were blown to start one of the Somme’s bloodiest days… at home the wait for news was torturous

Chris Lloyd

WHAT time are you reading this? At 9.10am this very day 100 years ago, hundreds of Durham men slithered up out of their rain-lashed trenches on the Somme and tried to wade through waist-deep sticky mud to attack a heavily …

Durham and Bishop Auckland suffered some of most losses in First World War, new research reveals

Katie Richardson

ON the day the nation remembers our brave fallen, it has emerged two North-East towns suffered greater losses than most.

More than 50 war memorials given listed status as part of centenary drive to protect future of commemorative sites

Flossie Mainwaring-Taylor

MORE than 50 memorials commemorating fallen soldiers across the region have been listed to mark the centenary of the First World War.

Postcards home from an Easington miner to his Chilton wife

Chris Lloyd

Romantic, caring, both brave and afraid… the wartime experiences of a County Durham soldier are revealed through a series of treasured postcards – many sent home from the Somme. Chris Lloyd tells Private Abraham Stewart’s story.

Never before seen artifacts of the Durham Light Infantry to go on show

Chris Lloyd

THOUGH the year of Durham Remembers events is coming to an end, the opportunities to discover the story of the Durham Light Infantry and the county’s brave servicemen is far from over.

How Durham remembered the sacrifice of the brave men who fought for our freedom

Rebecca Turner

THIS month sees the end of this year’s series of events and activities across the country marking the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.

Family’s pride at memorial honouring VC winner Archie White

Stuart Minting

THE family of a soldier awarded the Victoria Cross for leading a counter-attack, against greatly superior numbers, during a key part of the Battle of the Somme have spoken of their pride after a memorial to honour him was unveiled …

Angels of their patients

Ashley Barnard

A Lottery-funded project has documented the story of the community hospitals of the First World War. Ashley Barnard reports.

Stories behind the names enshrined on a Darlington plaque to the fallen

Chris Webber

A Darlington historian has found the stories behind the names on a plaque to fallen First World War soldiers in one of the town’s churches. Chris Webber talked to him.

Children learn about life for their counterparts 100 years ago as war raged in Western Europe

Gavin Havery

YOUNGSTERS in County Durham are learning how the everyday lives of children their age were affected as the First World War raged in Western Europe a hundred years ago.

Remembering the 250,000 forgotten heroes of the British Mercantile Marine

Chris Lloyd

THEY died in their thousands and if they had failed in their objective millions of British people would have known severe hunger, even starvation; the war would have been lost and the history of the world would have been entirely …

The innocents of war

Dani Walker

A GROUP of young people are looking into how life as a child in the First World War compares to living in the 21st Century.

Sunderland Empire to screen original Somme documentary to mark anniversary of battle

Tony Kearney

A FREE screening of the original documentary of the Battle of the Somme is to be shown on Armistice Day.

Remembering the Yorkshire Regiment’s Pte John Sedman – after 99 years

Mark Foster

A SOLDIER who died as a result of being gassed during the First World War has been commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission for the first time.

Prayer book that stopped German bayonet being thrust into Somme hero’s chest is donated to DLI collection

Gavin Havery

A SOLDIER’S prayer book, which saved his life when he was bayoneted in the chest, has been donated to a North-East military collection.

How Winnipeg the bear went to war

Chris Lloyd

I HAVE travelled from the Somme to the Wear this week looking at riverbank benches. They have been installed, partly through the generosity of readers of The Northern Echo, to commemorate the sacrifices made by the Durham Pals in the …