I Love You Dear

I’m the soldier,
Everybody knows,
I’m the soldier,
My honour glows

Fighting for my country,
It’s what I have to do,
For my people I stand but I have to fall,
But I’ll stand tall in my protection of you.

There’s blood and there’s fear
It’s all around
But when I said ‘Bye Dear!’
I wanted you to be proud.

I don’t want to die,
Knowing I ran from what I had to do,
And I don’t want to die,
Knowing I gave up on you.

So bye for now my dear,
Don’t think of me with fear,
For if I leave you and go to the clouds,
All I ever wanted was to make you proud,
Just think of me,
With a loving memory,
Because, no, I’m not here,
But please remember,
I love you dear.