Sleep Lonely

Bewildering terror and hidden lies,
Sewn at knee and blinded eyes.
Sickening scenes saw innocent die,
But clear throughout, their courage shines.
Paper shelters sag defenceless,
And still sleep lonely, they will.

Stormy winds attack severe,
But no hope lost or more to fear.
Cling on tight, the end is near,
In heaven the lost will re-appear.
They droop and moan as memories loop,
And still sleep lonely, they will.

No longer whole but greater brave,
A hero to home but to war a slave.
Bullets fly and batter like waves,
Hidden in trenches like crumbling caves.
The end, nothing short of a lie,
And still sleep lonely, they will.

Continue we must,
And mustn’t we cry.
Go on we shall, and fight,
We mustn’t question why.
S’pose we’re like toys to the generals high,
Sleep lonely we may not tonight.