As I sit and stare at the walls of mud,
I think about all the memories I’ve had,
some good, but many are bad;
Though I’m only a young lad.

I knew straight away as I entered the War Office,
It was going to be the end of me.
And then the letter came.
I felt the pain within me, but
I finally had an aim.

All I have is photos;
That’s all they have of me.
I still have the thoughts that one day I’ll be free.

The box was my only hope
Of happiness and joy;
I still felt like a little boy
Playing with my toys…

I used to play with toy guns,
but now they are real.
It’s the full deal.
My life is a mess,
It’s such a stress,
I’m so depressed,
I need a rest!

All I have is my box,
With all the things I have left –
I hope no-ones a thief.

All I can do is dream
about the things that are supreme
and scream the thoughts inside of me.
My life in here is dull.

My medals give me hope
That one day I will be free;
I will see my family once again,
with joy, belief and happy thoughts inside of me.

With all the letters carefully placed,
with love and care from deep within,
It won’t be letters soon –
I will be right there
with happiness and care.

There are bullets flying everywhere
all around the air.
I can see the fear in the enemy’s eyes.
In dreams I ruled my world:
I’m the hero that spoke these words
“Never give up! Always have hope!”

But now, when I am here in the real world,
I imagine what life would be like,
Away from this awful place.