It was three o’clock when we awoke;
The gas bell rang as someone choked.
I was scared as it approached me –
it was huge and overpowering.

It destroyed so many soldiers’ lives
and also destroyed the soldiers’ wives.
The land was distraught: how could it be
That the only person alive – was me?

I couldn’t believe what they had done;
They shot the rest down with their guns.
I lay and thought about what I had seen –
why were the enemy so cruel and mean?

We thought that we had lost; we were done,
But then more joined. This won’t be fun!
We put our hearts in until we bled,
We fought and fought, but more were dead.

The war was over; the war was done.
I went back home to see my son.
We won the war the English way,
But many of our men had to pay.

The Germans returned to their defeated land;
No one gave them a helping hand.
World War I was England’s victory!
But now it is back in history.