Here I am,
stone cold,
down in the trench.
The fear in the air –
It’s too much to bear;
I am lost in my own despair.

My dear wife,
my beautiful daughter,
back home where I long to be.
I see people dying,
Around me they drop.
I wish it would stop.

But it’s not long now,
Until I am home
by the fire,
Safe as can be.
But I guess
the only fire I will see
is the burning of buildings
and people turning to dust
right at my very feet!

My brave husband,
away to the war.
How I miss him
more and more.

I want him back,
so he is safe with me.
‘How long will he be?’
I ask myself.
Not long now;
It can’t be!

I can’t imagine how he feels
in those trenches;
It pains me to think.

How I crave
his loving words,
his smile,
his everything.
I just want him here
to comfort me when I am down.

It isn’t too much to ask.
But it is his duty.
He is doing it for me,
he is doing it for his daughter
and he is doing it for his country.

My daddy is in the war.
I think he is very brave,
but I miss him very much.

He used to tell me stories,
then tuck me up in bed,
lay a kiss upon my head.

I tell all my friends
that my daddy is a hero:
how he fights with a gun
against evil men.

I even dress my doll
up in a suit,
with his little black boots.
I take him everywhere,
So I know my daddy is there.

I can imagine him,
brave and strong,
walking through the door,
then lifting me in the air.
I just can’t wait till he gets home.