The Northern Echo's Schools' Poetry Competition

The Northern Echo appealed to all secondary schools in the region to get involved and to get their pupils writing a poem to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.

The war inspired some of the greatest poems in the English language and it was the current generation's turn to put their thoughts and feelings in words.

The winner, 14-year-old Olivia Skilbeck was chosen by a panel of experts and received the latest iPad. The top ten poems were included in a special edition of The Northern Echo published on Remembrance Sunday – November 9.

Click here to read Olivia's poem, Blood on the Battlefield, along with work by the other finalists.

The competition, which is now closed to entries received a huge response from schools across the region and you can read their poems below.

Click on the title to read the full poem

My Love…

By Victoria Clark
Durham Trinity School & Sports College (Special School)
Aged 15

Tea for one?
none for the gone,
early morning bird song.
Song of sorrow?
Or song of hope?
Song of keeping your dreams afloat.
My love…
Protected by the lord above,
protected by the prayers I make,
pray your soul …

Armistice Day

By Ryan Harrison
Durham Trinity School & Sports College (Special School)
Aged 14

Armistice Day, a year away,
11th November is on it’s way.
Eleventh hour, eleventh day,
Armistice Day, a month away.
Party at Bukingham Palace , yay!
Armistice Day, a week away.
Fly the flag, fly it away,
Armistice Day, a …

World War Who?

By Liam Thompson
Durham Trinity School & Sports College (Special School)
Aged 15


Gather & Run

By Thomas Davies
Durham Trinity School & Sports College (Special School)
Aged 14

The protecting place where they would gather
From the firing anger.
All alike with common cause
Danger danger, gather, gather!
Gather your equipment,
Gather your thoughts,
Gather your army of men.
Gather your photos, personal items,
Now run, run, run!…

Gas Attack

By Craig Dunn
Shotton Hall Academy
Aged 12

The poisonous mist reaches us , as we got the masks.

World War One

By Neve Barry
Shotton hall academy
Aged 11

worship the soldiers who fought in the war.
Only the men in the war can discribe how horrid it was.
Rushing around to get guns.
Lots of blud and deth.
Dramatic coughs.
Worriors fighting.
Army men injured by the second.…

the war boy

By elliot stirman
shotton hall academy
Aged 13

dulce et decorum est pro pourtia more , the old lie the young boys said before they walkd in to ther death .iching there heads in their filthy helmets becuase all their lie eating at the flesh on your head …

Dying Solider

By Sophie Boden
Parkside Academy
Aged 13

The Dying Solider

daddys little girl

By emily may roberts
shotton hall academy
Aged 13

When my dad leaves,
my heart begins to bleed.

World War 1

By Nekha Shinu
Carmel Collage
Aged 11

Wet and cold
Outside, bombs are exploding
Running around people are getting shot
Lots of people are dying
Dropping down like they are struggling.

Hearts at War

By Meghan Dixon
The Academy At Shotton Hall
Aged 12

Coughing, Choking, Dying, Drowning,
Blinding, killing


By Jemma Byatt
Academy at Shotton Hall
Aged 12

Why is this not murder?
Why is this not over?
Why did this come?

A Spy

By Adam Charlton
St Bedes Catholic School and Sixth Form College
Aged 13

I sit in the trench
The stench repulsing my nostrils,
A rat runs over my chest
Yet all I can do is try and rest – impossible.
My leg, I think, is infected
And a fellow soldier, I think, had …

Will anyone survive

carmel college
Aged 11

Down here in the trenches deep,
The mud splashes up my feet.
The wind is cold, most people dead.
Will anyone survive?

Milites Mortis

By Charlie Cornish
Carmel College
Aged 14

We are the ones, who didn’t fight,
Or cry or shoot, in the firefight,.
Running away, from colossal tanks,
Losing men, they die on the banks.
Death and fear, fills the fields,
Weapons of destruction, are what we wield.
Anyone …

Hearts At War

By Meghan Dixon
The Academy At Shotton Hall
Aged 12

Coughing, Coking, Dying, Drowning,
Blinding, Killing

My Hero

By Holly Barrigan
Carmel R.C Collage
Aged 12

Our heroes,


By Katie Andrews
Sunnydale Community College
Aged 11

By the bright blue sky
to the black dull sky.
Oh Lord, please help me live.
I got shot and nearly died – I stayed alive because of you.
My friend came to help me the next day,
he couldn’t, …

The Sound

By Sarah Jane Nicholson Wood
Sunnydale Community College
Aged 12

Bombs were dropped like thunder.
The sound of a bomb makes you think.
The sound of your son being killed at war.
The sound of your home being bombed.
The cry of your voice.
The thud of you dropping down …

Time To Say Goodbye

By Sarah Jane Nicholson Wood
Sunnydale Community College
Aged 12

The Lord takes the innocent; all they did was fire bullets.
Some got shot – time to say goodbye.
Trenches higher than your waist, all you could see were beautiful skies.
Who knows, will that bomb fall silently?
Will a …