TRIBUTE: The family of Sidney Wheelhouse watched Bishop Auckland v Shildon as part of a celebration in his name. Picture: SARAH CALDECOTT

Footballer killed in the Somme remembered at Northern League match

Dani Walker

THE family of a soldier killed in the Battle of the Somme have attended a special football match played in his honour.

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Tony Kearney tells what the Durham Pals - volunteer soldiers from across the region - were doing 100 years ago, in the build-up to their date with destiny: July 1, 1916, and the Battle of the Somme.
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Nick Gullon has been through The Northern Echo archives, selecting a story from each day of 1915, painting a vivid of picture of what life was like on the home front as well as in the trenches, and creating an interactive journey through the war years.
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Search our database of over 1,800 soldiers from the region who fought and died in the First World War.
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In 2014, we appealed to all secondary schools in the region to ask their pupils to write a poem to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.
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An appeal to raise £100,000 for the modern military heroes - those servicemen and women who return physically and mentally injured from war zones such as Afghanistan.
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Knitted poppy tribute to fallen is on track

Graeme Hetherington

A UNIQUE display of knitted poppies is being created to mark a special tribute to a community’s fallen in conflicts from around the world.

Promising composer and lifelong steelworker killed in Somme trenches 100 years ago

Chris Lloyd

EXACTLY 100 years ago this weekend, two brave local soldiers – one a VC, the other a MC – were killed in the same trench on the Somme.

Relative sheds light on fate of two men captured in rare photograph as they made their to the Somme

Gavin Engelbrecht

A RELATIVE has revealed the fate of two soldiers captured in a rare photograph as they made their way to the Somme – where both would be casualties on the first day of that momentous battle.

Bid to trace unknown soldiers of the Durham Light Infantry

Tony Kearney

HISTORIANS are looking for help tracing the identity of First World War soldiers captured on photographs as they waited to go over the top 100 years ago.

Beamish Museum to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme

Gavin Engelbrecht

THE centenary of the Battle of the Somme is being commemorated at a North-East museum with a weekend of activities.

Guide to events as region falls silent to honour Somme sacrifice

Tony Kearney

THE country will fall silent on Friday to honour those who gave their lives in the bloodiest battle in British military history.

Family reunited by old photograph of Somme casualty

Tony Kearney

AN old photograph kept in a biscuit tin has reunited a family.

A hundred County Durham children to take part in special Somme centenary service

Catherine Priestley

YOUNGSTERS from the region will be among a national schools delegation travelling to France next month to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.

The Evenwood lads who died at the Battle of Jutland 100 years ago

Chris Lloyd

THE village of Evenwood was on tenterhooks 100 years ago. The whole country had been waiting for nearly two years for the Royal Navy – the pride of the nation – to join the war, and on May 31, 1916, …

Durham University student takes first steps in poignant walk to the Somme

Gavin Engelbrecht

A DURHAM University student has taken the first steps in a poignant 950-mile journey on foot to the battlefields of the Somme.

Fighting against the war

Chris Lloyd

ONE hundred years ago this weekend, 16 men were secretly spirited out of the dungeons of Richmond castle and sent by train to the killing fields of northern France where their own government hoped they would be shot at dawn …

New book recalls the First World War bombardment of the coast

Mark Foster

HISTORIANS from Germany and Britain have collaborated on what’s believed to be a unique bilingual book about the German bombardment of the East coast in 1914.

Graffiti revealing often-forgotten chapter of the First World War to be preserved

Mark Foster

GRAFFITI which reveals an often-forgotten chapter of the First World War is to be saved from crumbling away to dust.

To Somme by cattle truck

Tony Kearney

THE Durham Pals had spent a week at sea but, 100 years ago this week, within six hours of their feet touching the steady dry land of the port of Marseilles, they were packed into trains for the long journey …

Exodus from Egypt

Tony Kearney

Tony Kearney tells what the Durham Pals – volunteer soldiers from across the region – were doing 100 years ago this week, in the build up to their date with destiny: July 1, 1916, and the Battle of the Somme.…

Revealed – how men tried to escape from military service

Mark Foster

THE fascinating secret stories of the men who appealed against having to serve in the trenches during the First World War are slowly being revealed.

Wolsingham School pupils embark on project to commemorate the Battle of the Somme

The Northern Echo

PUPILS at Wolsingham School have begun a project to commemorate soldiers who lost their lives in one of the biggest battles of the First World War.

Database of First World War soldiers now available at Barnard Castle museum

Katie Richardson

A NEW database containing a generation of men who served in the First World War is now available thanks to a major project.

DLI First World War Victoria Cross hero Thomas Kenny honoured by home village of Wheatley Hill, 100 years on

Mark Tallentire

THE skies above Wheatley Hill were eerily thick with mist as a trio of buglers from the Durham (The Rifles) Company sounded The Last Post shortly after 11am.

Wheatley Hill miner awarded Durham Light Infantry’s first Victoria Cross of Great War was just ‘doing his duty’

Chris Lloyd

Welcome, welcome once again
Hero brave and bold
To the school where you were taught
In the days of old.

Darlington schoolmaster’s vivid narrative of life at the front

Chris Lloyd

Sergeant John Teasdale survived the Great War thanks to ‘a series of miracles’. His ‘vivid narrative’ of his experiences still chills to the bone.

A grave injustice corrected at last

Chris Lloyd

FOR 97 years, Private Edward Henry Pratt lay in an unmarked grave in Darlington’s West Cemetery. But on Wednesday, that wrong will be righted: this soldier of the First World War will be properly recognised when an official headstone is …

Tales of genial George, the postman who went to war

Jim McTaggart

POSTMAN George Thorn was due to be away from home for a fortnight in 1914 when he did his annual stint as a naval reservist.

Bowburn: A village of widows and spinsters

Tony Kearney

The sacrifice of war was felt most keenly in Bowburn, a community of 200 homes of which 47 endured the pain of losing a loved one.