OFF TO SEA: Sunderland-built HMS Opal, which sank 100 years ago

How tragic navigational error led to deaths of Darlington men aboard HMS Opal

Chris Lloyd

ON January 12, 1918, two British warships were wrecked in a blizzard on rocks off the Orkneys. Of the 189 men on board, only one survived. Indeed, as the ships were smashed up by the seas, only 55 bodies could …

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Tony Kearney tells what the Durham Pals - volunteer soldiers from across the region - were doing 100 years ago, in the build-up to their date with destiny: July 1, 1916, and the Battle of the Somme.
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Nick Gullon has been through The Northern Echo archives, selecting a story from each day of 1915, painting a vivid of picture of what life was like on the home front as well as in the trenches, and creating an interactive journey through the war years.
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Search our database of over 1,800 soldiers from the region who fought and died in the First World War.
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In 2014, we appealed to all secondary schools in the region to ask their pupils to write a poem to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.
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An appeal to raise £100,000 for the modern military heroes - those servicemen and women who return physically and mentally injured from war zones such as Afghanistan.
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Green Howards Museum in Richmond launches project to mark First World War anniversary

Laura Wilson

A REGIMENTAL museum is using the centenary anniversary of the end of the First World War as the inspiration for a new project.

Actor Michael Mears brings moving play about war’s conscientious objectors to Richmond

The Northern Echo

BRITISH actor Michael Mears who has had leading roles with the National Theatre and RSC is to bring his play about First World War conscientious objectors to North Yorkshire.

Ray Lonsdale soldier statue to be installed on Tursdale memorial this year

Catherine Priestley

A SILENT soldier who longs for home will this year take his place in a community which has searched for their own lost hero for decades.

First World War hero George McKean’s memorial stone to be unveiled in Willington on centenary of Victoria Cross gallantry

Lizzie Anderson

THERE is a mountain named after him in Canada and a market square in France – but until recently little was known of First World War hero George Burdon McKean VC in his birth town of Willington.

Outstanding bravery of World War hero to be remembered at special Ripon Cathedral service

Alexa Copeland

AN outstanding First World War soldier is to be remembered at a special service at Ripon Cathedral on Thursday.

Homework of schoolgirl from Hunton, Richmond, reveals a VC hero in the family

Mark Foster

HISTORY homework has sparked a story of love and war after a schoolgirl traced her family tree to a heroic soldier.

You’ll be amazed at this fantastic woollen poppy display in West Cornforth

Lizzie Anderson

THERE were gasps of amazement and a round of applause as the curtain dropped on a breath-taking display of almost 20,000 knitted poppies on Saturday.

One man’s story of First World War brought to life in Teesdale to mark centenary of major campaign

Lizzie Anderson

A STORY of one man’s war will be brought to life to mark the centenary of the Battle of Passchendaele.

Last poppy of 19,240 sewn onto striking remembrance display ahead of unveiling in West Cornforth, near Ferryhill

Flossie Mainwaring-Taylor

A STRIKING display of almost 20,000 hand-crafted poppies will be unveiled in West Cornforth in honour of boys and men who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the First World War.

The Durhams at Passchendaele where the first few hours turned into a mud and blood bath

ONE hundred years ago, the telegram boys in the North-East were beginning one of their busiest periods of the First World War, delivering dreadful news to the families of young men out fighting in Flanders fields.

First World War wireless station in Stockton is preserved for posterity

The Northern Echo

A RARE First World War wireless station is among five historically significant places listed today to mark 70 years of protecting England’s significant buildings.

Horrific deaths of seven North-East sailors, murdered by German who became Himmler’s henchman, remembered on 100th anniversary

Gavin Engelbrecht

THE deaths of seven North-East sailors 100 years ago today in one of the most heinous crimes of the First World War will be marked during a poignant ceremony.

Special status for war memorial to Arthur “Patch” Watson who lost his life at Battle of Passchendaele

Tony Kearney

A WAR memorial dedicated to a soldier tragically killed as he waited to be transferred back to England carrying his comrades’ letters from the front has been given protected status.

How a North Yorkshire war hero was finally identified – after 100 years in a French field

Mark Foster

A MUSEUM which was instrumental in the quest to name an unknown First World War soldier, has put on display some of the objects which finally helped identify him.

Parade to be held in Stanley to mark centenary of Michael Heaviside coming home with Victoria Cross

Tony Kearney

THE homecoming of a miner who won a Victoria Cross while serving as a Western Front stretcher bearer is set to be re-enacted in a pit town.

David Young journeys to Belgium ahead of the centenary of the Passchendaele battle

David Young

This summer will mark the centenary of one of World War One’s most infamous battles – Passchendaele. Ahead of the anniversary, David Young journeys to Belgium to explore a still scarred landscape where 100 years ago his grandfather was wounded …

A poppy for each County Durham soldier who fell in WWI

Catherine Priestley

THE boys and men who left County Durham to serve in the First World War, never to return, will each be represented on a community’s remembrance poppy display.

Great Ayton villagers mark exact moment their First World War soldiers died

Emily Flanagan

A VILLAGE intent on marking the exact time of death of each of its villagers killed fighting during the First World War has just held its 27th memorial service.

War hero Tom Dresser who won Victoria Cross in First World War honoured with statue in Middlesbrough

Graeme Hetherington

A TRUE war hero has been honoured 100 years to the day since he showed unflinching courage in the face of the enemy on the battlefield.

Durham war hero’s battlefield bravery marked 100 years on

Bruce Unwin

THE centenary of a North-East miner’s gallantry on a First World War battlefield was marked with the unveiling of a commemorative stone heralding the act of valour.

Village history project will focus on the Fighting Bradfords

Dani Walker

A £50,000 project is being launched to explore the story of the only two brothers to be awarded the Victoria Cross in the First World War and the village in which they live.

Tributes paid to 24-year-old Durham Pal on 100th anniversary of his death

Chris Lloyd

A WREATH has been laid in Durham cathedral to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of a 24-year-old Durham Pal.

The courage of Roland Boys Bradford enshrined in history

Chris Lloyd

A VICTORIA CROSS winner is to be permanently commemorated as part of a day of events in the County Durham village of Witton Park, where he was born.

Walking in the footsteps of a Flanders hero

Chris Lloyd

FOR the Durhams, the Battle of Passchendaele began at 3.50am on July 31, 1917, when the buglers sent the 20th Battalion over the top into the Flanders mud.